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Category: Government
Location: Balaghat
CLIENT: Collectorate Balaghat
Technologies: PHP
Status: Running
Nazul Land Management System

Nazul land, loosely, refers to the government land  primarily in urban areas. For obvious reasons, these lands need to be catalogued, maintained and taxed properly. These land are leased out to various people by government either in free –hold mode or in fixed tenure lease mode, which needs to renewed after fixed number of years. Further, land is given either on temporary lease or permanent lease. After the fixed periods these lease needs to be renewed. 

Records of these forms are kept in forms. This form is a four- year form. This means that it is rolled over once in four years. Within this four-year period, name of the owner and other entries are changed on basis of the orders of competent authorities. On basis these records, the land assessment is done on yearly basis. Rate of onetime payment and annual rent is decided by government (generally remains unchanged over lease period). The applicable rate also gets changed with change in land usage i.e. from residential to commercial or if lease is converted to free hold. Rate can also be changed by competent authority with fines payable by particular date. Records of such payments are kept in register whose format is attached in annexure. 

At that time, whole of this process is maintained manually and in paper format. The complete computerization of this whole process is done through NLMS. 




I) The LMS is successfully implemented and running at Balaghat District and also provides all the information in a single click. Presently application containing around 6964 Nazul Land Records of Dist. Balaghat.

II) Land Management System is the perfect solution for district to manage, store & centralize the Nazul Land Records. 

III) This software has dynamically increased the revenue collection of Nazul Land. Because with the help of this application all the collection, dues & arrear amount are maintained automatically. 

IV) This application is also available in Hindi Language so it makes it more user- friendly. All the notice & orders are generated through this application.

V) There is module i.e. CSC (Citizen Service Center) is available for Public Access, Land Holders can also get their details from CSC. 

            Main Functionality
  •  User Management System 
  •  Location Manager (Manage District, Block & Villages)
  •  Khasra Form
  •  Demand Register & Four Year Form
  •  Demand List / Demand Note Generation
  •  Challan Generation
  •  Arrear Form
  •  RRC Form
  •  Recovery Register
  •  Khasra Report
  •  Defaulter’s List
  •  Dues Report
  •  MIS Reports based of multiple parameter etc.
  • Migration of Nazul land record.
  • Integration with User Management System.
  • CSC (Citizen Service Center) is available for Public Access, Land Holders can also get their details from CSC. 


Following are the indicative, not the exhaustive, list of the modules which are implemeted in this work:

1. Owner entry module with all details of tenure, usage and area of land parcels 

2. Rate entry module

3. Entry module for court orders changing the attributes of the land parcels 

4. Annual assessment notice generation payment receipt module

5.  Report generation module including reports in standard formats to kept as legal reports 

6. Public module in which public can access the lease certificate and records with incorporation of digital certificates of the issuing authorities. (to be done in next phase, but the remaining modules needs to be designed to conform to this goal) 

All these modules are secured with proper access controls. They are to be designed in multi-user mode with client-server architecture. The whole systems are scalable and extendable to WAN/ Web.