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Category: Government
Location: Bhopal(MP)
Technologies: Java
Status: Running

“SAMPARK” is designed for access various services and to lodge grievance. The citizen can use any communication mode (Voice-Landline-Fix line/Wireless, CDMA/GSM based mobile phone) etc. To provide citizen help desk for providing guidelines/information to citizen of various services offered by MPMKVVCL. Through the SAMPARK we can register a different type of complaints –

a) Voltage Fluctuation , Power Supply, Meter Burnt/Defective/Burnt/Jam,Phase Missing

b) SD Adjustment /Arrears , Bill Assessment/Average, Bill not received

c) Accident, Report Of Electricity Theft,Unethical Practices,Loose Wire

To address the power supply related complaints on a proactive basis and provide effective, assured and timely services to the customers of MP state electricity boards have set up an Electricity Call Centers. These call centers work round the clock to receive customer complaints through several channels such as Voice-Landline-Fix line/Wireless, CDMA/GSM based mobile phone. The telephone number 0755-2551222, 1800-233-1912 is specifically allotted to Electricity Call Centers for handling power supply related complaints.

Customers can approach the Customer Service Centers for availing new service connections; resolving their complaints related to metering, billing, disconnections, reconnections, etc; and for processing their service requests related to category changes, title transfers, load changes, etc.

Generally these customer service centers work on extended and convenient timing for the benefit of the customers. The entire process of registration of complaints / service requests, dispatch, status updating, closure is managed through custom designed Software solutions or Software Products.

In case the complaint / service request is not resolved within a specified time limit, the same is escalated to the notice of higher authorities for expediting the resolution process. The escalation process is enabled through the intelligent components of the software.

These service centers are generally setup with good ambience to enhance the customer interaction experience. Customer service centers have been successful in bringing down the processing time and have thus significantly enhanced the customer satisfaction levels.

Key Points:-

  • Consumer centric approach
  • GPS enabled tracking system
  • Timely redressal of enquiries & complaints
  • Better compliance management system
  • Single window complaint management system
  • Enhance Service level fulfilment
  • Build centralised data base.

The customer complaints are registered and forwarded to the field personnel for timely action and rectification. The status of the complaint is periodically tracked and updated. The customer can know the status of the complaints registered by contacting the call center personnel. In case the complaint is not resolved within a specified time limit, the complaint is escalated to the notice of higher authorities for expediting the resolution process.

The Electricity Call Centers are managed through specially designed software solutions, which form the backbone of operations. The software deployed may vary from technically advanced to simple solutions. The software generally comprise of Contact Management Solution and/or Process Monitoring Solution. These call centers are either managed by the utility’s personnel or outsourced to third parties.

  • Complaint Registration Module/Master
  • Group Master Module HT Maintenance Module
  • Integration with Different Applications
  • Integration with User Access Management
  • Integration with other Services
  • Dynamic Dashboard

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Skoch Order of Merit Award 2016 is an initiative towards recognising top performing Technology Users, Technology Implementers & Technology Providers across sectors, organisations and departments. These include, amongst others, Central and State Government Departments; Financial Sector; Municipal Corporations; Smart Cities; State Owned Enterprises; State Government Undertakings; Private and Multinational Organisations; and, Organisations engaged with the Government – operating at local, state and national level.