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Category: Private
Location: Bhopal
CLIENT: Patel Timber & Plywoods
Technologies: PHP
Status: Running
Patel Timber

Patel timber Plywood’s at MP Nagar Bhopal since and Patel Enterprises and Patel wood Product in our ambit. And established a manufacturing Facility to Stand firm on our commitment of offering innovative yet cost effective solution to our customer whree manufacturing chaukhat’s, wooden packing crates. An extensive product line which provides customer with an ease to choose product from a single counter only, thus saving on his time.

In the Field of Manufacturing we are a quality conscious company, we ensure that quality products are delivered to the clients. For this, we follow strict quality policy where our experts check the products on various parameters at each stage of manufacturing. This ensures us in delivering high grade quality products.


Timber Products defines choice, quality, and sustainability. Our commitment to innovative manufacturing solutions leads to greater efficiency, less waste, and more beautiful products.We believe it should be simple and easy to find the right products. That’s why our customers are also our partners—we work with you to select the best product for your needs. Timber Products operates its business using a renewable resource that must be managed responsibly. We implement year-round sustainability initiatives to ensure abundant and healthy forests remain for future generations.

We, Patel Timber & Plywood, are a well established manufacturer, supplier of Plywood. These are extensively utilized in many demand areas such as furniture making, interior decoration and more. The offered Indian Timber is processed into planks and boards of various size for their further use in structural and allied motive. Their hefty and defect-free structure is easy to cut and shape. Our Indian Timber has a very long life owing to its strong resistance to termites and other deteriorating factors.

  • Continualy invest in technology that will provide preferred lifestyle through superior products.
  • Offer the widest brand choice to customers with our commitment to innovation and our understanding of consumer needs.
  • Maintain the highest level of professionalism, integrity and honesty in dealing with our customers.
  • Streamline Processes- The system offers a data normalized infrastructure that is integrated with different modules to ensure that users only need to enter data once, while enforcing data integrity

  • Pay for Quality- Monitors quality load by load, and compares that quality with your contract terms.

  • Negotiate from strength-All deliveries received from suppliers, contractors and haulers are stored centrally. You can compare the quality and performance of different sources of raw materials

  • Manage inventory levels- We stores complete information about your current stock, past deliveries and future planned deliveries in its database.

  • Timely Decision Making- We can provide higher level summary information that can be traced back to the lowest detail. Senior management can make decisions based on in-depth and quantified facts.

  • Timber Sources- a) Define the timber species and raw material types your company handles.

b) Define forest areas and their related legal descriptions, management areas, regions sources, stands, and permits.