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Category: Government
Location: BHOPAL
Technologies: Java
Status: Running

“PRAYAS” is the project initiated by MPMKVVCL, to re-engineering the existing process to overcome and built a strong framework for essentials in an organization. 

“PRAYAS” is aimed towards the legitimate verification and authorization of employee’s attendance using biometric solutions indeed integrating with the Aadhaar Card credentials, having a surveillance on employees through attendance and facilitating services like transfer of employees, payment disbursement, leave management, etc by integrating various process in to one. 

What ails nearly every Government Organization?

  • Improper Man-Power Planning.
  • Favoritism/Nepotism.
  • Unauthorized attachment of employees.
  • Exact depoyment of positions are not Known.
  • Late comers & unauthorized absenteism.
  • Non execution of Transfer order.
  • Tours and Inspections are only limited on paper.
  • Unavailability of Employees.
  • Manage erratic shifts of employees.

We have the Perfect Solution for such problems "PRAYAS"

  • Online Presence recording system. No human interference.
  • Two step online process.
  • Execution and enforcement of transfer oreder is a two steop process.
  • Its is inbuilt into system as he can mark his presence only at the designated place as per tour.
  • PRAYAS throws up such distribution instantly.
  • It is built in design of the project itself.
  • Online System due to which real time transactions are there and audit trail is instaneously available.
  • Available to all employees instaneously.
  • Inflated satisfaction.
  • As one can objectively know duration of posting, and coversion records.



I)  A Centralize Online Attendance Register. 

II)  Employees cannot mark the attendance in back date. System can automatically track the In Time & Out Time  so company can monitor the employee properly. 

III) Transfer processes are now managing by Web Application. After approval employees getting the online, on  mail & SMS notifications. 

IV) No Paper work involved, everything is automated & transparent.

V) Location & Department wise count of employees & employee management becomes easy because of  centralize registration & monitoring. 

Main Functionality

  • Employee Management
  • Registration of an employee using Aadhaar no and Biomatrics.
  • Generate Attendance MIS.
  • Manage Tours of an Employee.
  • Manage Transfer orders and Promotion Orders.
  • Leave Management.
  • Null Day Declaration.
  • Calendar and Leave Management.
  • Attendance Report Generation.
  • Attractive and proper view of all statistics and dashboard.
  • SMS and Email alert of Attendance.


  • Online Presence recording System. No human interference.
  • Execution and enforcement of transfer oredr is a two step process.
  • It is in built into system as user can mark his presence only at the designated place as per tour.
  • Prayas throws up such distribution instantly.
  • Online system due to which real time transactions are there and audit trail is instaneously available. 
  • As one can objectively know duration of posting, and conversion records.

Achieved SKOCH Smart Technology Award in 2015 for “PRAYAS” APPLICATION MPMKVVCL.The Skoch Awards celebrate human excellence and agents of change in Indian society. The Awards are based on the philosophy of spearheading positive socio-economic changes through recognising persons who have contributed immensely to salutary transformations in society and governance by displaying exemplary leadership abilities.