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Category: Government
Location: Jabalpur(MP)
CLIENT: District e-Goverance Society, Jabalpur(MP)
Technologies: PHP
Status: Running
NIDAN application

It is common Knowledge that villagers have to invest lot of time and opportunity cost to collect their entitlements from current financial setup. As Present system is manual and paper based, it is dilatory, breeds corruption, and grievance redressing is virtually non--‐existent. To understand the structure of problem, we did a small study of nearly 2000 Transactions across all ten blocks of Balaghat district.
We observed that a villager needed to travel on average 9.3 Km to collect payment. Nearly 12 % Have to travel more than 15 Km. Nearly Half   the transactions takes more than 15 To 30 Days to get credited from GP Account to beneficiary account. Post Office and Cooperative Banks is worst performer. As our study encompassed transactions overtime period of one and half year spread over all blocks and all branches of institutions, we realized that such delays are person dependent but are caused by structure of process flow, and hence cannot be cured by enhanced supervision only. So, we decided restructure business process completely and NIDAN (Network for Immediate Disbursal At Neighborhood) Was born.

I) Efficiency In fund transfer and withdrawal:

Earlier System was manual and involved lot of process loops. In Built delays and discretion made the whole fund cycle extremely inefficient requiring large amount of time and opportunity cost. 
II) Efficiency In grievance redressal:
Earlier, If a wrong payment is made it used to take week and heavy monitoring to correct the situation. Post implementation, as complete audit trail was maintained it instantaneously known why a payment has been rejected and corrective action can be very fast.
III) Efficiency In information flow:
As System generates almost all the required reports, the information flow between various tiers of administration has been completely smoothened out.
IV) Efficiency In cost of transactions: Earlier Citizen was investing sufficient opportunity cost in collection of payments. Post NIDAN, This opportunity cost became virtually zero.

Main Functionality

  • To design and execute an economical, scalable and sustainable system, which allows citizens to withdraw their money without having to travel long distances.
  • Designed system should work within the given constraints of rural settings like poor availability of Internet, Poor power supply, and barely literate village level functionaries.
  • The system must not duplicate the work for government employees. It Must replace the old system. It must reduce the drudgery of employees; otherwise they would not adopt it after transfer of key officials.
  • For enhanced sustainability and replicability the system must be audit and legally compliant.
  • System should eliminate all information asymmetry, which some stakeholders enjoy in the present system.
  • System should provide for faster and transparent grievance redressal system, which is main bane of present system.
  •  Successfully intregrated with Snorkel.
  •  Successfully intregrated with HDFC Payment Disbursement system.

Achieved the MANTHAN Award For Executing ICT Implementations in the District of JABALPUR has been recognized by the Jury as a District Collector Digital Champion for the year 2013.