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Category: Government
Location: Jabalpur(MP)
CLIENT: District E-governance society, Jabalpur
Technologies: PHP
Status: Running
Contract Management System

Contract Management System is actually a deliberate process where we will capture process starting from requisition/estimation of the work planning. Technical and Admin Section, selecting the least bid quoted by contractor through tendering, awarding and work(LOA),Maintain the progress of work(MB).The work Management process requires the full support of the entire organization (e.g. operator, engineering, planning& scheduling and Maintenance)This modules gives full control of the complete procurement process from the point of initiating a tender, to appointing a panel, filtering respondents, creating the various contracts and managing vendor delivery. It allows for tenders (i.e. RFPs) and quotations i.e. (NITs).


I) This Application is impacting in the tendering process; it’s become easy because of Application.

II) This Application Manage the whole record of the employee, department & estimates, contractors in easy way.

III) This Application is useful for Customized Report Generation of SOR, Estimate History reports, Invoice Reports etc.

IV) This Application helps out in Proper Activity Reports of User synchronized with their respective Aadhaar number that gave the convenience and transparency to organization as well as to the customers and consumers. This gave organization to deliver better results and services in short span of time.

  •   Administrator Module
  •  Masters Management
  •  Message Template Manager
  •  User and Role Manager
  •  Work Category/Status Manager.
  •  Department User
  •  Contractors
  •  Estimates
  •  TS Manager
  •  AS Manager
  •  Works
  •  Static Information
  •  Estimates Attach with the work
  •  Associated Departmental User
  •  Associate Contractors [Valuation Request]
  •  Valuation/Status of work
  •  Financials
  •  Completion Certificate
  •  Progress Monitor
  •  Reports
  •  Abstracts
  •  Running Bills
  •  Completion Certificate
  •  NIT Published