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Category: Government
Location: Jabalpur(MP)
CLIENT: District e-Goverance Society, Jabalpur(MP)
Technologies: PHP
Status: Running
Certificate Management System

Project Description:-

Earlier, the process of issuing the Certificates (i.e. caste certificate, domicile certificates, income certificates etc.) was maintained manually and in paper format. So it was difficult to maintain the records properly. Also it takes lot of  time to search the previous records and to re-issue the duplicate certificates.

Certificate Management System has been developed to resolve these problems. The CMS is an online, computerized and corresponding certificate like Caste, Domicile and Income certificate are issued by this system. This application generates certificates and stores all the data of issued certificates at a single place in a very secure manner. With the help of this application organization and higher authorities can easily track the records of all issued certificates.



  • The CMS is successfully implemented and running at Balaghat District and also provides all the information in a single click.
  • Certificate Management System is the perfect solution for district to manage, store & amp; centralize all the records of certificates.
  • This application is also available in Hindi Language so it makes it more user- friendly. All the certificates, notice & orders are generated through this application.
  • There is module i.e. CSC (Citizen Service Center) is available for Public Access, public can also get their details from CSC 

            Main Functionality

  • Provide online caste, domicile and income certificates.
  • Record Management System
  • Digital Signature Incorporated
  • Certificate Printing Facility
  • Digital Lib. For scanned documents
  • Secure Data storage 
  • Instant certificate generation
  • MIS Reports


  • Easy and effective way
  • Time saving / speed
  • Easy available data 
  • Easy to Use
  • Flexibility
  • Cost saving
  • Manage your information online